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Banco de Bolsocrimes

BIANCA: Hello World


Structureless Tyranny And Mastodon

Logiciels libres on adore

Le logo


Le chat mignon

How To Overcome Your Biases

My Path To Leftism

What's wrong with ethical software licensing?

When less freedom is better

La schiavitù 2.0 e come evitarla

Una guida pratica per cyborg. Di Aral Balkan

Is it worth picking up 5-cent coin if you're a $200 an hour consultant

Teambuilding exercises

nothing brings a team together like the hatred for teambuilding exercises

A random rant about tech job interviews

or rather the complaints people have about job interviews

Robot Rights And Robosexuality

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i don't read


I've told this story so many times (warnings for thievery and emotional abuse)

Storm Clouds No One Can See

What does it feel like?

Me trying to figure out if I was a girl when I was, like, 8

Writing Behind the Elevator

this place is haunted


you ruined a perfectly good cyrus

Sophisticated Machine

how I pretend to pay rent (warnings for thievery and general mopiness)

Bagels & Newspapers

and coffee and strangers


cw: suicide, death, "shit i been thru probly offend you"

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