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The Umbrella Academy

Os oito princípios da civilização

O Manifesto Dark Mountain


Le Journal du rêves #2


Le Journal du rêves #1

Update 1: the futuuuuure

Exactly a year and a month ago, I left my job at Archos and around July, I started to work again on a 2015 project called QuickDoc(...)

Le livre qui n'était pas interdit

Je me suis découvert un tabou. J'ai découvert que, parfois, j'ai envie de mettre un H majuscule à mon Histoire personnelle. Et que ça me rend malade quand on essaie d'y toucher pour justifier des e-querelles de e-clochers.


Qui suis-je ? Pourquoi ce nouveau blog ?

Ten arguments for deleting your social media accounts right now - Jaron Lanier

essay about how COMMERCIAL social media has developed and the roots of its bussiness model. [gl]

Maniac 1980 - Cluster Buster

И, те така, де

Докато разучиш едно нещо, забравил си началото ;)

Game of Thrones - It Ended


Аз знам, че нищо незнам

Знанието е всичко, но незнанието още повече!

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i don't read


I've told this story so many times (warnings for thievery and emotional abuse)

Storm Clouds No One Can See

What does it feel like?

Me trying to figure out if I was a girl when I was, like, 8

Writing Behind the Elevator

this place is haunted


you ruined a perfectly good cyrus

Sophisticated Machine

how I pretend to pay rent (warnings for thievery and general mopiness)

Bagels & Newspapers

and coffee and strangers


cw: suicide, death, "shit i been thru probly offend you"

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