About Space & Roses

A tiny rose garden, floating in space

Hi, I'm Jennie!

Welcome to my Plume instance. There are many like it, but this one is ours!

Plume is a federated blogging platform (you're in the fediverse right now!) where you can post great things, and follow good people. If you'd like to join send me a message at @jennie@witches.live, and I'll send you an invite! Or if you know me in person / have my email, I'll probably be thrilled if you ask for an account!

My hope for this community garden is to cultivate a small writing circle for friendly people who want to express themselves creatively. I have no particular goals for what that will mean in practice :)

The sky's the limit out here in space! There are no rules while I'm in charge!


I'm lying, of course there are rules!

While we're here, keep in mind that I have the power to delete any post, blog, or user I don't like. I'm never going to want to do that, but it's easy to imagine a scenario where I'd be morally obligated to. So, just so we're all on the same page, these are the rules that I'm respectfully asking everyone to follow:

  1. Any content that is illegal to host in the United States is not allowed on this site.
  2. Don't harass people! Dog-piling, bullying, doxxing, or any persistent unwelcome interactions, are not allowed.
  3. Do not use this site as a platform to uphold any twisted social hierarchies. The rule is the same whether it's about: race, sex, sexuality, gender identity, religion, class, nationality, ability, mental health, etc.... — Bigotry will get you cancelled.
    • * Several people are typing *
    • Q: Why do you hate free speech so much?
    • A: Defending free speech means standing up for people who are silenced by hate. I can choose to tell bigots to shut up because they are creating an unsafe space that silences marginalized, or I can tell marginalized people to shut up because I don't mind the bigots. There's no way for me to do neither, and feigning neutrality would be dishonest. Since it's literally impossible not to pick a side, I'm picking the obviously right one.
    • Q: I guess that means you'll ban people for making fun of straight white men too, right?
    • A: Hey, it's not my fault straight guys can't stop acting like that.
  4. In general: Please just respect the dignity and autonomy of your fellow human beings, okay?
  5. Advocating or defending Capitalism — including the wage system, rent-seeking, and private property — is *extremely* tiresome, and frankly embarrassing. This one isn't a rule, I just wanted to make sure everyone got the memo :)
  6. If you're a cop, you have to tell me.
  7. No. Advertising!

Carl Sagan holding a plaque that says, "Don't Forget, No Billboards in Space, Love Carl"