i don't read

Billie had important matters to attend to, namely ANYTHING AT ALL, which they thought about while laying on the couch next to the TV. Their brain cycled through the reliable options... Their knitting project which they were pretty certain had ended up embarrassingly off-pattern - the thought of the mittens that would be coming out made them think of eldritch horrors and so knitting was out, but binge-reading SCP was in, tho they DID want to sleep at least a bit tonight so

and they'd just finished a season so TV was right out and they thought maybe they could get back into drawing but there's a certain amount of way too wide people you can draw before you can actually look FORWARD to "practice" you know? And Billie wondered if that's really what separated the artists from the casuals, aloud because anything they think that could be clipped and put in one of those obnoxious quote books, they say aloud because you really, never know who's listening

but the vibration of talking made Billie realize they were actually pretty comfy in whatever weird shape they'd made with their body on this couch using only 2 weirdly long pillows and a dangerously soft blanket as tools, and something about that was funny which made them laugh, and close their eyes, and think about what it's all for you know, since that's always something to do when nothing else fits and a few hours later they woke up facing down with the blanket only under them and figured they should make dinner, which did resolve the question of what to do, although it didn't seem quite a satisfactory answer