Welcome to Plume

Hello Friends!

First of all, the software running this page is alpha af (she's never even seen soy before)! I just built from this commit, which was just pushed ~6 hours ago. I won't be too surprised if something is broken right now, but at first glance this site is lookin' kinda cute!

I temporarily turned off the Write Freely server so I could mess around with this. I'll probably move it onto a separate subdomain so I can have both running at once. It'd be nice to compare side by side and all that. So far, here's my take on the two:

Write Freely might be more stable than Plume right now (0.7-alpha is a way bigger number than 0.2-alpha, right?). Deploying it is definitely easier. It's biggest drawback is that it doesn't have any way to handle media. Plume on the other hand:

The Pleiades, I think

does! I had to upload that from a separate page, but hey, at least it's there ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

On the other hand, Plume doesn't support math (yet), so that's kinda a bummer.

write.as might be on some shit

Thing is, I'm not sure the team at write.as even plans to support uploading pictures? They're promoting a closed source, paid service called snap.as as their solution for media hosting.

Q: "How is this different from other services?"

A: "It's a service you pay for, which means we answer to you (the customer), and we'll still be here for years to come."

— [x]

Like.... okay?

I think the blogging software itself got started pretty much the same way, before they open-sourced it and added federation to the backend (like, 10 weeks ago) [1]. So tbh, I'm not sure what they're doing just yet. I guess I'll keep an eye on snap.as to see if it eventually follows in its sister's footsteps.

Plume has a totally different energy! It feels more like a community driven project, rather than one guy's startup that accidentally started using the AGPL. Looking at the project milestones for Plume, I think it's headed in a nice direction. It probably wouldn't die right away if the lead developer's super-niche subscription service ran low on cash....

tl;dr: neither platform is done. The software for both is at about the same depth of immaturity. For now I'm happy to keep following them both and letting them compete for my affection.

Anyways, go nuts!

Just like the last setup, signup on this page is ~unsecured!~ So, as always:

  1. Look good
  2. Have fun
  3. Be safe!