Sophisticated Machine

how I pretend to pay rent (warnings for thievery and general mopiness)

I got a fair amount of exercise yesterday. I swear that box must have weighed fifty pounds. The backpack might've been thirty.

The box was full of stolen books. The backpack had legit books, a laptop, and a medkit I'd found. It didn't help that the medkit was in a metal box itself. I suppose I could have just taken the contents.

I had to sit down every fifty feet or so. I am not strong, and I weigh barely more than what I was carrying. I'm glad I live near campus.

I have a full-size bed. Last night I slept on half of it. The box was on the other side. I hadn't felt like lifting it to put it on the floor.

I woke up at six today. The second thing I did was get out my laptop and sign into Ebay. The first thing I did was look for breakfast. We are out of bowls. I need to do the dishes.

I sit on my bed and pull a book from the box beside me. Published 1947, no ISBN. I set it aside. I pick up another book. Published 1982, enter ISBN, write details, decide sale price, untick hidden box that lets people offer half the price I ask, publish listing.

Book, ISBN, details, price, settings, publish, book, ISBN, details, price, settings, publish, book, ISBN, details, price, settings, publish, empty box, stack of listed books, stack of old or otherwise difficult books. The latter is twice as high. I'll list them when I have more energy. I put them on top of all the others I'll list when I have more energy.

The cooperative ones go on my shelf. I'm running out of space. I've been at this for months. Four sales have totaled eighty-six dollars. My housemate payed my rent this month.

In six hours, I will be in a recording studio auditioning for a job as a voice actor. I will have the chance to escape being a book, ISBN, details, price, settings, publish machine. I will be a voice machine. I guess it's a step up.